create a relaxing patio

Create a Relaxing Patio

Outdoor living spaces should be an extension of your home in that they are comforting and welcoming. Time on the patio with family and friends offers fresh air and a break from screen time and electronics. To encourage your family to take advantage of outdoor living spaces, here are some tips to create a relaxing patio.
water damage in your home can be seen on the ceiling

Places to Look for Water Damage in Your Home

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Water can cause serious issues in your home. Mildew and mold growth occurs when there is excess moisture or humidity in a space. Water can also cause building materials to deteriorate and compromise the structural integrity of your home. Here are some of the places to look for water damage in your home.
4 point inspection

The 4 Point Inspection, Explained

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When purchasing a home, your homeowners insurance company may require you to have a 4 point inspection before they'll insure your home. These requests are common, especially if you're buying a house that was built over 40 years ago. A 4 point inspection isn’t as thorough as a full home inspection, but it includes some of the most important components.
order a pre-listing inspection before selling your home

6 Reasons to Order a Pre-listing Inspection for Your Home

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If you are planning to put your home on the market, there are some steps you can take to attract more buyers and simplify the process. When you work closely with a real estate agent, they'll offer tips to help you sell quickly and avoid common problems. One of the things your agent may recommend is that you order a pre-listing inspection for your home.
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